Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner: Your Needs and Budget

An air conditioner is device that is able to lower room temperatures. The cooling effect is achieved through refrigeration. Sometimes the heat becomes unbearable and especially during the hot season like summer, temperatures sharply increase. With high temperatures, the difficulty of doing things increases, even sleeping becomes a problem. This is why you cannot survive without an aircon system either at your home or office or both. There are a lot of systems in the market today and of varying types, choosing the right one that will suit your needs can be a bit of a hassle. You need to check out special features of various aircon systems in order to make an informed decision.

Remember that whichever system you choose make sure that it suits both your lifestyle and budget. A good example of system is the ducted air conditioner. A ducted system can cool and entire house. It has a network of vents running in all rooms of the house. The ducts are well hidden inside the walls. The panels are the only components of the aircon you will see. The system is energy efficient as it has a thermostat and only cools the house when it is necessary.

A duct system has cool features like it can allow you to cool specific rooms of the house and for extra fee, you can have reverse cycle air conditioning, this means not only can it cool the room but also heat them, this can be essential during the cold season. However, duct air conditioners do not come cheap. The initial buying price is quite high in addition to installation charges. This is because that system has to be installed in all the rooms but in the long run, it is cost effective to have a ducted aircon.

Air Conditioner: Alternative Types of Aircons

The other type of aircon system you can install in your house or office is the split system. This is a much more affordable system to install although it will depend on the number and size of the room you want it installed. It has a much less running cost in comparison to a duct system. A split system is affordable because you can add on to the system when your budget allows. It is easier to repair each part separately and it costs less.

However, this system has its faults. It has a large compressor that has to put outside the house and it is conspicuous. It can affect the appearance of your home if is put in a noticeable area. Although it is affordable compared to a duct system, it can only cool a single room. This means that if you want to cool various rooms, you will have to buy an air conditioner for each room. So you can really say that one system is better than the other is, it depends with individual needs and whether they have the capability to maintain each of the systems.