Aircon Installation Singapore

Aircon Installation Singapore: How Aircons are Installed

An aircon is very important in people’s rooms. It helps maintain a good and comfortable temperature. It is able to meet the needs of the room. A room becomes comfortable when the air that is in that room is bearable and no health risks that can be caused. There are countries that have varying temperatures that are very extreme hence needs to be regulated by the air conditioner. The installation in Singapore is done in the way that the aircon best fits in the room.

When installing the device make sure that the electricity is turned off. This is to avoid the device being damaged due to the direct current hence the switching of the electricity from the circuit. A place should be made on the wall that the device is to be mounted on. There should be a space where the discharge and the refrigerating lines will pass on the wall. a hammer is to be used so that on e can make holes on the wall.

Screw the mounting place on the wall onto the holes that have been made.  Place the device as a way of installing it on the mounted place. Make sure that it is on a balanced level which it cannot fall from the wall. Make a place on the wall that will be able to hold the refrigeration lines as well as the discharge line together with the electrical cable.

The discharge line is later connected with the pipe that is one the floor. Make sure that the screws that are used are fastened to avoid any leakage. The lines should be covered as a way of protection.  Follow the instructions given to the point so that the aircon can be fixed properly then turn on the electricity to check if it is working.

Aircon Installation Singapore: Precautions to Note

There are precautions that one should take when installing an aircon. The aircon is very reliable when it is fixed properly. It is energy efficient hence electricity can be saved if used in the proper way. Read the manual properly and understand it before you begin with the installation process. When installing the aircon make sure that the electricity is turned off from the circuit. This is to make sure that the device does not short. The lines should be fixed in their proper location. Make sure that they are all in contact before turning on the electricity. Screws should be fastened so that there can be no leakages. The cover should be placed in a way that dust will not cover the cooling system hence damaging the fan. When the cooling system is covered by dust it is unable to cool the air.

Problems caused by improperly installing aircons

The major problem that is associated with improper installation is leakage. The aircon may leak due to poor fixation of the pipes. There is also the process of electrocution. The wires may electrify as a result of poor installation.