Aircon Repair

Aircon Repair: Buying the Right Aircon

Aircons are an important part of our lives. With changing weather patterns and temperatures that a normal human body cannot withstand, you can now comfortable live wherever you want with the help of air conditioning systems. Like all other gadgets, nothing is able to last a life time. The prolonged use of certain machines like aircon will lead to malfunctions and aircon repairs are required every occasionally. When looking for an air conditioner, make sure they have a solid plan on how they are able to assist you with repairs and maintenance. Some of you may not know what it really entails in repairing and aircon system. Here is an insight to it.

Quality of aircon is often an indicator of how often you will be needing repairs. A good aircon can last up to 6 months without any major problems but a low quality air conditioner will give you a bit of a headache. Part of the aircon maintenance service includes cleaning both the indoor and outdoor condenser. The outdoor condenser is often the one cleaned because of its exposure to the outside dust. It acts as the first point of contact with the outside air. The other service done is clearing drainage pipes. If the pipes are not drained, they may lead to leaking.

Sometime the damage may be extensive to the point that replacing spare parts is needed. The main services while doing aircon repair include checking whether the evaporator coil is okay, purifying the filter, ensuring that the fan bearings are well lubricated, checking the compressor suction, and tightening all the electrical contracts. When every component of the air conditioner is in perfect working condition, this provides an improved environment for working or for living a comfortable life. Servicing is done annually to prevent any issues to go unnoticed. Even if the system shows no kind of problem, maintenance has to be done.

Aircon Repair: Ways to Fix Aircon System At Home

Experts use chemicals that wash a unit thoroughly. This is a service that is more technical and it is offered when general cleaning was not able to get rid of the problems of a unit during general maintenance. For those who want to know more, here is how it is done. First, they have to remove all electrical contacts and refrigerant piping. This is to avoid any electrocution later when opening up the unit. The next step is to dismantle the fan coil unit from the wall. Once the unit is on the ground, the next step is to dismantle the cooling coil and fan coil.

At this point this stage it is now possible to clean the washable parts. After all is done, the unit is reassembled and electrical components are re connected. The final step is to check control thermostats and switching the system back on. Different types of damages affect various units. Experts highly trained and experienced are well aware of them and can tackle them with ease. So if you are in need of aircon repair, do not hesitate to contact customer services to assist you.