Portable Aircon Singapore

Portable Aircon Singapore: Advantages

Over the last few decades, portable air conditioners have gained notable presence in the market. A portable aircon is a unit that is used for supplemental cooling needs in specific areas in a home or place of work. They do not need to be fixed on walls or any type of installation. What you need to take into consideration when purchasing a portable aircon Singapore is where it is going to be placed to direct the exhaust air and need window for ventilation. Most of them will humidify the air as they are cooling it. The sole reason why people buy portable aircon is because of their mobility, can be carried anywhere with ease.

Portable aircons have both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of having a portable aircon system include

  • Easy installation

In comparison to a permanent one, what you need to do is just take the appliance out of its box and plug it into a power source and within a few minutes you are good to go however, you should be careful about the exhaust, make sure it points to a direction that is well ventilated.

  • Mobility

A portable aircon is easier to move around with, it is a convenient alternative to the fixed air conditioners. You can move it from one room to the other. Some even have wheels that you can use to push them around. You can use it all time, during the day maybe in your living room and the night in your bedroom. This feature is particularly important if you are living in a rental house, whenever you want to move it will be easier to pack and transport it.

  • Affordable

Portable aircon Singapore are cost effective. They cost less compared to the large window units. This means that it will not affect your expenses in any way and you can get one any time you want.

Portable Aircon Singapore: Disadvantages

Portable aircon system also has a downside but this should not deter you from purchasing one

  • Position restrictions

Two features make the portable aircon have a sight problem that is water management and plug in system. Although it is a self-contained portable system, it has to be put in a position that you can plug it in. The exhaust system has to be near a window and this increases the cooling space between you and the aircon.

  • Noise

In some cases, the system emits a lot of noise, this because all the components of a portable aircon Singapore are put under one cover. The noisiest part of a normal size aircon is normally situated outside the window but this also makes it easy to maintain. All components are in one body.

Portable aircons are movable but what you do not know is that they are actually heavy and someone may not be able to carry it. The most important aspect to remember while installing portable aircon is to check the positioning. The exhaust must face a window to allow air to escape from the room. The other thing to remember is to make sure a power source is within reach of the aircon.